Colloque international : Color in the Early Modern Atlantic World (University of Chicago’s Franke Institute, 1-2/05/2015)

- This international conference will take place on May 1-2, 2015 at the University of Chicago’s Franke Institute

Color offers a particularly powerful lens to analyze the Atlantic World because it affords a way to consider economic systems and tactile, material practices, as well as symbolic logics and cultural values. This conference proposes to use the dynamism of color, in both its material and immaterial forms, as a conceptual starting point to explore the Atlantic World in the early modern period, from 1400 to 1800. This approach invites pairing inquiries of artisanal crafts and everyday technologies with investigations of prestige goods and portraiture painting ; it also can put into the same frame considerations of Euro-American experiments on the color spectrum with reflections on the color cosmologies of Afro-Brazilians who took up residence in Nigeria. Further, it provokes deliberating how color become racialized and ethnicized, as black, white, and red assumed human form in the multihued societies that took root in the Caribbean, North and South America, as well as in Europe.

Organizers :

- Cécile Fromont (Assistant Professor, Department of Art History) fromont chez

- Emily Lynn Osborn (Associate Professor, Department of History) eosborn1 chez

This conference is supported by :

The Franke Institute – The France Chicago Center – The Norman Wait Harris Fund – The Center for International Studies – The Center for Latin American Studies – The Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality – The Center for the Study of Race Culture and Politics

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