Vient de paraître : Sung-Eun Choi , Decolonization and the French of Algeria. Bringing the Settler Colony Home, Palgrave Macmillan, 2015

- Collection Cambridge Imperial and Post-Colonial Studies Series, 2015, 232 p. ISBN : 9781137520746 Prix : 63 £.

Présentation éditeur :

« In the summer of 1962, almost one million Europeans, Jews, and Muslim citizens were evacuated from Algeria, as nine million Algerians were about to celebrate its independence. France called these citizens Repatriates to hide their French Algerian origins, and to integrate them into Metropolitan society. This book is about how and why Repatriation remains intact as a policy and became central to France’s postcolonial understanding of decolonization, the Algerian past, and French identity. »

Sung Eun Choi is Assistant Professor in History at Bentley University in Massachusetts, USA. She specializes in French decolonization and settler colonial histories.

Table of Contents

1. French Settler Colonialism in Algeria
2. The Algerian War in the Settler Colony and the Metropole
3. Repatriation : Bringing the Settler Colony ’Home’
4. Repatriates against de Gaulle
5. Liberal Repatriation after de Gaulle
6. Socialist Repatriation after de Gaulle
7. Repatriates Narrate French Algeria

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