Vient de paraître : Robert S. DuPlessis, The Material Atlantic Clothing, Commerce, and Colonization in the Atlantic World, 1650-1800, Cambridge University Press, 2015

- 367 p. ISBN : 9781107105911 Prix : 29,99 $ (existe aussi en version électronique)

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« In this wide-ranging account, Robert DuPlessis examines globally sourced textiles that by dramatically altering consumer behaviour, helped create new economies and societies in the early modern world. This deeply researched history of cloth and clothing offers new insights into trade patterns, consumer demand and sartorial cultures that emerged across the Atlantic world between the mid-seventeenth and late-eighteenth centuries. As a result of European settlement and the construction of commercial networks stretching across much of the planet, men and women across a wide spectrum of ethnicities, social standings and occupations fashioned their garments from materials old and new, familiar and strange, and novel meanings came to be attached to different fabrics and modes of dress. The Material Atlantic illuminates crucial developments that characterised early modernity, from colonialism and slavery to economic innovation and new forms of social identity. »


Robert S. DuPlessis is Isaac H. Clothier Professor of History and International Relations Emeritus at the Department of History, Swarthmore College, Pennsylvania. Winner of the 2016 World History Association Bentley Book Prize

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