Vient de paraître : Molumeli (Jamary) & Prum (Michel), Missionary Work in Africa in Eugène Casalis’s Time and Beyond, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2015

Présentation éditeur :

« British influence on what was to become the British Empire and French influence on French speaking Africa have been extensively explored so far, but few books focus on French missions in Britain’s sphere of influence. The French missionary Eugène Casalis represents a perhaps unique experience of a man taking part in the nation-building process in an African country, Lesotho, which belonged to London’s ‘reserve’. Casalis was to become the King’s special advisor and is still hailed today as one of the few men who built the country.

Based on the research of a dozen African and European academics who convened in Morija in 2012 to commemorate the bicentenary of that great Protestant humanist and to analyse “Missionary Work in Africa in Eugene Casalis’s Time and Beyond”, this book will provide fresh and stimulating material for readers interested in colonial and post-colonial studies, missions and religion, and cultural and historical exchanges between the Southern part of the African continent and Great Britain. »

Jamary Molumeli is Senior Lecturer of African and Francophone literatures at the National University of Lesotho. He has previously edited Human Rights Documentation in Africa (published by the Institute of Southern African Studies, Lesotho). He is also a noted researcher and literary translator.

Michel Prum is Professor and founding Director of the Research Group on Eugenics and Racism of the University of Denis Diderot in Paris. He is also Director of the Racism and Eugenics series from the L’Harmattan Publishing House, also based in Paris, which has produced over 45 books so far. He has published extensively across Europe and Australia.

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