Vient de paraître : Hilary Palmer et Malyn Newitt (Ed.), Northern Mozambique in the Nineteenth Century : The Travels and Explorations of H.E. O’Neill, Brill, 2016

- Collection European Expansion and Indigenous Response, (vol. 18), XII-357 p. ISBN : 9789004293700 Prix : 119 € (existe aussi en version électronique)

Présentation éditeur :


« Henry Edward O’Neill was British Consul in Mozambique from 1879 to 1889. He completed thirteen exploratory journeys in northern Mozambique, including the first exploration of the Makua and Lomwe countries between Mozambique Island and Lake Malawi. This recreation of the book, which he never published, makes available for the first time a large body of information on the peoples of northern Mozambique (a region still little researched), on the history of the slave trade in the western Indian Ocean and on the expansion of Portuguese rule and the resistance to it by powerful local communities. The Introduction includes the first ever biographical study of O’Neill and his contribution to African exploration. »

- Hilary Palmer, Currently Honorary Associate Research Fellow (University of Exeter)

Published three articles on O’Neill/exploration including « Lieutenant H.E. O’Neill The Reverend W.P. Johnson : The Controversy Surrounding the True Source of the Lujenda River… », Terrae Incognitae, Volume 36, 2004.

- Malyn Newitt, Emeritus Professor of History, King’s College, London

Publications include : Portuguese Settlement on the Zambesi (1973), Portugal in Africa (1981, History of Mozambique (1995), History of Portuguese Overseas Expansion (2005)

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