Vient de paraître : Ghulam A. Nadri, The Political Economy of Indigo in India, 1580-1930. A Global Perspective, Brill, 2016

- Collection European Expansion and Indigenous Response, vol. 22, XVII-246 p. ISBN : 9789004311541 Prix : 109 € (existe aussi en version électronique)

Présentation éditeur :

« In The Political Economy of Indigo in India, 1580-1930 : A Global Perspective Ghulam A. Nadri explores the dynamics of the indigo industry and trade from a long-term perspective and examines the local and global forces that affected the potentialities of production in India and elsewhere and caused periods of boom and slump in the industry. Using the commodity chains conceptual framework he examines the stages in the trajectory of indigo from production to consumption.
Nadri shows convincingly that the growth or decline in indigo production and trade in India was a part of the global processes of production, trade, and consumption and that indigo as a global commodity was embedded in the politics of empire and colonial »

Ghulam A. Nadri, PhD (2007), Leiden University, is Associate Professor of History at Georgia State University. He has published a monograph Eighteenth-Century Gujarat : The Dynamics of Its Political Economy, 1750-1800, Brill, 2009 and many journal articles and book chapters on early modern Gujarat and India.

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