Vient de paraître : Christoph Strobel, The Global Atlantic, 1400 to 1900, Routledge, 2015

- 186 p. ISBN : 9780765639523 Prix : 38,95 $

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« The Global Atlantic provides a concise, lively overview of the complex and diverse history of the greater Atlantic region from 1400 to 1900. During this period, the lands around the Atlantic basin – Europe, Africa, and the Americas – became deeply interconnected in networks of trade, cultural exchange, and geopolitics that reshaped these regions and the world beyond. In this accessible and engaging text, Christoph Strobel integrates the Atlantic into world history, showing that the Atlantic oceanic system was always interlinked with the rest of globe.
From the Mediterranean origins of slave-worked sugar plantations to the Chinese demand for silver from American mines, The Global Atlantic discusses key examples of these connections with clarity, enabling students to understand how existing ideas and incentives shaped the emerging Global Atlantic, and how these Atlantic systems in turn created the world we live in today. »

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Christoph Strobel is Associate Professor of History at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. He is the author of The Testing Grounds of Modern Empire, and co-author, with Alice Nash, of Daily Life of Native Americans from Post-Columbian through Nineteenth-Century America.

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