Modernisme et Ruralité : un point sur l’état des recherches (EAHN 2018 - Tallin)

« Modernism and Rurality : Mapping the State of Research » (EAHN 2018 - Tallin) / « Modernismo e ruralità : una cartografia delle ricerche nel campo » (EAHN 2018 - Tallin)

5e rencontre internationale du Réseau Européen d’Histoire de l’Architecture, à Tallinn, juin 2018

This session aims to address, from a historical perspective, the relation between, on one side, architecture and the related disciplines, and on the other side, agriculture and rurality at large. We welcome proposals specifically mapping case studies concerned with large-scale agricultural development and/or colonization schemes conceived and (but not necessarily) implemented in Europe and beyond during modern times (late 18th-20th century), strongly connected to nation- and State-building processes, and to the modernization of the countryside. We are particularly interested in those examples which aimed to “make the difference” in both scale and numbers, entailing radical reshaping of previously uninhabited or sparsely populated areas into new, planned, “total” rural landscapes.

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