« Migrations, Crossings, Unintended Destinations : Ecological Transfers across the Indian Ocean, 1850-1920 »

- Organisateurs : Ulrike Kirchberger (Kassel University), Christof Mauch (RCC)
- Lieu : Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society, LMU Munich, Germany

In the age of high imperialism, thousands of species of plants and animals were transferred between Australia, Asia, and Africa. Some of them were exchanged deliberately for economic, scientific, or aesthetic reasons. European settlers, for example, transported cattle, horses, and sheep between South Africa, Asia, and Australia ; camels were exported from Northern India to Australia ; and exotic birds from South Asia, such as, for example, the Myna bird, were taken to Australia and South Africa. Other species travelled between the continents accidentally, as stowaways. Whether intentional or not, these transfers changed ecologies and livelihoods on the three continents forever.…

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