« History of Colonialism (19th-and 20th-centuries) »

Séminaire dirigé par Márcia Gonçalves marciagoncalves chez, Institute of Contemporary History, FCSH, Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, Portugal, Colégio Almada Negreiros (Campolide Campus) - Room SE1 (Floor 0)

The Institute of Contemporary History, NOVA-FCSH’s research seminar on History of Colonialism (19th- and 20th Centuries) will be a relaxed discussion forum, providing a welcoming environment for speakers to present their research at any stage of completion with a focus on the history of colonialism, decolonisation, and post-colonial societies in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Exceptionally, the 2019/2020 sessions will take place between January and June 2020 at the Institute’s premises, in Lisbon. Each session will feature a single presentation (between 20 and 30 minutes) or two speakers presenting on related topics (max. 40 minutes), which will be followed by Q&A.

07 JAN (15:30)
- Cristiana Bastos (ICS- University of Lisbon), Plantation labor and the making of race : the case of Hawaii
- Nicholas B. Miller (ICS-University of Lisbon), Colonialism in Nineteenth-Century Hawai‘i and the Problem of National Empires

28 JAN (15:30)
- Samuel Aylett (Open University), City Museums and Representations of Empire in 20th Century Britain
- Elsa Peralta (CEC – FL, University of Lisbon), On not having a museum on empire and the tricks of hyper-representation : the Portuguese experience

03 MAR (15:30)
- Yannick Lengkeek (University of St Andrews), Marching towards Independence. Global Perspectives on Scouting as a Platform for Anticolonial Nationalism

17 MAR (15:30)
- Patrick T. Barker (Yale University), Capitalism, Slavery, and Ecology in Trinidad, C. 1800
- Marta Macedo (ICS-University of Lisbon), Brazil in Africa : connected histories of plantation labor and technology

31 MAR (15:30)
- Pedro Monaville (NYU - Abu Dhabi), Students of the World : Patrice Lumumba, the Congolese Educated Elite, and Distant Mediations in the Global 1960s
- Rui Lopes (IHC – NOVA FCSH), Conflicting Winds : Guinea-Bissau’s liberation struggle and the Cold War

21 APR (15:30)
- Felicity Jensz (Westfälische–Wilhelms Universität, Münster), From Company to Colonial Government : the transforming of German New Guinea

19 MAY (15:30)
- Reena Goldthree (Princeton University), Between Empires : U.S. Annexation Rumors in the Interwar British Caribbean

02 JUN (15:30)
- Beatriz Serrazina (CES – Coimbra University), Companhias coloniais como veículos de ocupação do território : o empreendimento da Diamang na infraestruturação de Angola – conexões transnacionais, práticas de colonização e reflexos contemporâneos (1917-2017)
- Alice Santiago Faria (CHAM – NOVA FCSH), Obras públicas de Moçambique no final do século XIX

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