Colloque : « The end of Empire. European Popular responses », (Université de Birmingham, UK, 11-13/01/2017)

This three-day international conference prolongs and expands the framework of the 2011 volume European Empires and the People (Manchester Univ. Press), edited by John M. MacKenzie with input from the present co-organisers, Berny Sèbe and Matt Stanard, as well as some of the contributors to the conference. Drawing on that volume and more recent initiatives such as Sèbe’s co-edited book Echoes of Empire : Identity, Memory and Colonial Legacies (IB Tauris 2015), Buettner’s Europe After Empire (Cambridge Univ. Press 2016) and Stuart Ward’s ‘Embers of Empire’ project, the conference considers the cultural repercussions in the metropoles of the ‘ends of empire’ of major European empires. The End of Empire Conference examines the cultural legacy of the imperial past in popular culture, including fundamental evolutions in former metropoles resulting from the complex ‘decolonisations’ that took place in Europe.

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