Appel à contribution : « From the “New World” to Global Cultural Transfers since the 16th Century »

Date limite de soumission : lundi 30 mai 2016

- Dir. by Prof. Dr. Martina Kaller, University of Vienna & Prof. Dr. Frank Jacob, City University of New York (QCC)
- Contact : Dr. Frank Jacob, Assistant Professor, City University of New York (QCC), 22205 56th Ave, Bayside, 11364 New York, USA fjacob chez

Colonialism, as the rule of a foreign collective over an indigenous collective, is usually seen as a form of economic exploitation, in which most of the political decisions are driven by the economic demands and needs of the colonizing power. However, the exploration and expansion in the so called “New World“ would also stimulate major changes in Europe as the consequence of cultural transfers, especially in the 16th and 17th century. The newly found territories had much more to offer than gold and treasure. Food or tobacco are just two well known examples for the transfer of “New World“ goods to Europe that would not only cause economic, but also cultural change.

With a focus on the American colonies the editors ask for proposals that would deal with these changes since the 16th century from a global and transnational perspective. Possible topics could include but are not limited to studies on

- the import of food and the change of European foodways
- coffee history connecting Africa, Eurasia and the Americas
- tobacco history processes of reception in the Middle East, Africa and Europe
- exotic fashion accessories
- Collections of American treasures in royal European „cabinets of arts and curiosities“
- or specific case studies on trade relations and their global impact

Especially appreciated are comparative studies that consider a broader approach, while regional case studies are also welcome.

Interested authors should send a short proposal (300 words) and a short bio (150 words) to Martina Kaller martina.kaller chez and Frank Jacob fjacob chez The proposals are due until May 30, 2016 while the final chapters (6,000-9,000 words, footnotes, Chicago Manual of Style) are expected until February 15, 2017.

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