Annual Meeting of the Social Science History Association : « Slavery : Past & Present »

The theme for this year’s Social Science History Association (SSHA) conference is « Changing Social Connections in Time and Space ». With that in mind, this panel aims to bring together scholars working on slavery whose research explores the ways in which perceptions about slavery – past and present – have been shaped by the movement of ideas, changing discourses, and the privileging of certain sorts of memories.

Interested individuals should send a CV and abstract (300 words) to Dr. Audra A. Diptee at audra.diptee chez

Presentations addressing any period or geographic region will be considered. Possible themes include :

- Digital Media & Slavery
- Slavery and Commemoration
- Slavery in the 21st Century
- Slavery and Memory
- Reparations
- Slavery and Its Legacies
- Locating the Voices of the Enslaved
- Globalization and Slavery
- Modern Day Abolition Movements

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