A. Bellagamba, S. E. Green, M. A. Klein, dir., African Voices on Slavery and the Slave Trade, Cambridge University Press, vol. 1 The Sources (2013, ed. paperback en 2017), vol. 2 Essays on Sources and Methods (2016, ed. hardback)

Présentation du vol. 1

« Though the history of slavery is a central topic for African, Atlantic world and world history, most of the sources presenting research in this area are European in origin. To cast light on African perspectives, and on the point of view of enslaved men and women, this group of top Africanist scholars has examined both conventional historical sources (such as European travel accounts, colonial documents, court cases, and missionary records) and less-explored sources of information (such as folklore, oral traditions, songs and proverbs, life histories collected by missionaries and colonial officials, correspondence in Arabic, and consular and admiralty interviews with runaway slaves). Each source has a short introduction highlighting its significance and orienting the reader. This first of two volumes provides students and scholars with a trove of African sources for studying African slavery and the slave trade. »

Présentation du vol. 2

« What were the experiences of those in Africa who suffered from the practice of slavery, those who found themselves captured and sold from person to person, those who died on the trails, those who were forced to live in fear ? And what of those Africans who profited from the slave trade and slavery ? What were their perspectives ? How do we access any of these experiences and views ? This volume explores diverse sources such as oral testimonies, possession rituals, Arabic language sources, European missionary, administrative and court records and African intellectual writings to discover what they can tell us about slavery and the slave trade in Africa. Also discussed are the methodologies that can be used to uncover the often hidden experiences of Africans embedded in these sources. This book will be invaluable for students and researchers interested in the history of slavery, the slave trade and post-slavery in Africa. »

- Alice Bellagamba is an Associate Professor of Cultural Anthropology and African Studies at the University of Milan, Bicocca. She is the author of Ethnographie, histoire et colonialisme en Gambie (2002), L’Africa e la stregoneria : Saggio di antropologia storica (2008) and co-editor of Beside the State : Emergent Powers in Contemporary Africa (with Georg Klute, 2008). She has extensive fieldwork experience in the Senegambia and since 2000 she has directed MEBAO, a network of Italian and African scholars working on historical memory and heritage in West Africa. In 2004–5, she was Alexander Humboldt Fellow at the University of Bayreuth and in 2011–12 a EURIAS Senior Fellow at the Institute of Advanced Studies of Berlin.
- Sandra E. Greene is a Professor of African History at Cornell University, New York. She has served as President and Vice-President of the African Studies Association. Greene has written three books : West African Narratives of Slavery : Texts from Late Nineteenth- and Early Twentieth-Century Ghana (2011) ; Sacred Sites and the Colonial Encounter : A History of Meaning and Memory in Ghana (2002), which was a finalist for the 2003 Herskovits Award ; and Gender, Ethnicity and Social Change on the Upper Slave Coast : A History of the Anlo-Ewe (1996), which earned an Honorable Mention from the 1997 Herskovits Award Committee.
- Martin A. Klein is currently Professor Emeritus in the Department of History at the University of Toronto. Klein has taught African history for 34 years. He has served as President of both the African Studies Association (ASA) and the Canadian Association of African Studies. He has written or edited several books, including Historical Dictionary of Slavery and Abolition (2002) ; Slavery and Colonial Rule in Africa (Cambridge, 1998), edited with Suzanne Miers ; Breaking the Chains : Slavery, Bondage, and Emancipation in Modern Africa and Asia (1993) ; and Women and Slavery in Africa (1983), edited with Claire C. Robertson. His book Slavery and Colonial Rule in French West Africa earned an Honorable Mention from the Herskovits Award Committee. In 2001, Klein was awarded the ASA’s Distinguished Africanist Award. He also edits Cambridge University Press’s New Perspectives in African History series.

Contributors :
Kofi Anyidoho, Alice Bellagamba, Sandra E. Greene, Martin A. Klein, Alessandra Brivio, E. S. D. Fomin, Mohammed Bashir Salau, Francesca Declich, Jeanne Maddox Toungara, Olatunju Ojo, Damian Opata, Dana Rush, Alessandra Brivio, Ahmaddou Sehou, Ute Röschenthaler, Bayo Holsey, Benjamin Claude Brower, George Michael La Rue, Ismael Musa Montana, Pierluigi Valsecchi, Benjamin Acloque, Hideaki Suzuki, Marie Rodet, Bruce Mouser, Trevor Getz, Kristie Mann, Silkie Strickrodt, Richard Roberts, Hilary Jones, Klara Boyer-Rossol, Bruce S. Hall, Yacine Daddi Addoun, Ghislaine Lydon, Elisabeth McMahon, Paolo Gaibazzi, Benedetta Rossi (volume 1) ;
Alice Bellagamba, Sandra E. Greene, Martin A. Klein, Ghislaine Lydon, Bruce Hall, Pierluigi Valsecchi, Oluwatoyin Oduntan, Kristin Mann, Richard Roberts, Alessandra Brivio (volume 2).

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